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Sponsored by Jeff Blomsness of North American Midway Entertainment

The "Friend of the County Fair Award" is awarded yearly to someone that has been recognized as a supporter of an Illinois County Fair. They have demonstrated dedication to the support, promotion, and innovative operation of a fair or fairs.

2023 Winners (Left to Right)

Steve Gallano, Dave Gallano, Cindi Mielke, Brian Gallano, Terry Pencel and Ed Dame with North American Midway Entertainment.  Standing in the back are Tim Norman with Illinois Department of Agriculture and John Gallano.



Sponsored by Jeff Blomsness of North American Midway Entertainment

Your fair may nominate an individual or individuals to be recognized at the Annual IAAF Convention in Springfield. A nominee must be a supporter in some manner of Illinois county fairs. They need not be an officer, a board member, or a superintendent of your fair. However, they must be dedicated to the support, promotion, and innovative operation of a fair or fairs. This is a way to recognize the unsung stars of county fairs.


Does your fair have a dedicated volunteer or a community person who is a true county fair booster? Please consider nominating this person. A fair may submit more than one worthy candidate for consideration. However, only one person from any fair may receive the yearly award. Any unselected candidates will be reconsidered for the next year without reapplying.


The candidate must not be deceased at the time of the nomination and must plan on attending the Annual IAAF Convention Saturday morning breakfast.

To submit a worthy candidate for consideration, please complete the following:

  • Prepare a credentials letter describing why the individual is worthy of recognition.

  • Print and submit the form below with the attached credentials page and up to 3 supporting documents that may include letters of recommendation, news releases, etc. The applications are due November 1, 2024. The selections will be made the following week.

Note:  All of this information is important and must be included to properly recognize the winners of this coveted award.

Please send all of the information to:

Ron and Lois Meyer

652 W End Dr.

Manteno, IL 60950
(815) 791-1813

Note: Please do not confuse this award with the “Illinois County Fair Person” Award presented by the Illinois Department of Agriculture at the State Fair County Fair Day. The Illinois Department of Agriculture will send information about the “Illinois County Fair Person.” They are two different awards.

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